Before a few years ago, I didn’t bother with resolutions.  I figured I’d just do what I wanted to accomplish in that year.  But by March I’d all but forgotten what I was going to ‘set my mind to’.

Then one year I did.  And now making a list, whether there’s only 1 resolution or 5, is something I actually look forward to.  I usually overbook and over-schedule my life so creating a list really helps keep me focused on the task(s) throughout the year.  I never know what I’ll do but making that list compels me to complete it and to strive to do something a little bit bigger than the year before.  For example, one year it was to enter a running event.  Next year it was to enter a running event every month for an entire year.  And then the next year it was to run a marathon. Every year,  just a little bit more.

This year I’d like to do ‘a little bit less’ so I can create a little bit more.

Here’s what I mean:

1. Consistent yoga practice

  • at least once a week.  This will help me slow down and finally rehab some injuries I’ve incurred in the past years.

2. Minimize and streamline

  • donate, give or throw out something, once a week, that I can do without and utilize what I already have instead of buying more.

3. Sleep!

  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep EVERY night. This means no Internet (emails, Face book, smart phone, etc) after 8 o’clock. Ouch.

4. Read

  • I get so caught up with projects and ‘things to do’ that I don’t have time to enjoy reading for pleasure anymore, and I was a literature major for goodness sakes.  Time to get acquainted with a comfy nook, a cup of tea and a good book again.  Although I would love to say one book a month, I need to be honest with myself.  I know me.  NOT taking on new projects will not be easy so let’s say 3 good novels (not counting the books I read for work) for the year. 

Less to create more.  I like that. 

Create some resolutions this year, you’ll feel better!

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